Steel Product price overview and trend

Time: 2016-05-09
Summary: Key words: High price callback Poor turno

About Steel Products Price overview and trend

Keyword: High price callback Poor turnover.

An overview of the last week(5.2-5.6) 

Last week, rates did not show the expected rebound, but fell sharply.
Price declines in 160~200 RMB / MT.
Raw materials' price also go down, the S & P refers to ore imports fell to below $ 60, Tangshan billet callback to 2300 RMB / MT.

Steel price trend in this week(5.9-5.13)
Domestic steel prices are expected next will be further correction.
Highlights attention to changes in the following areas.
1. Mills resume production reached the top of the stage, centralized supply shipments 
resulting rapid pressure rise.
2. Brokers profit resources to speed up cash, the parties demand down.
3. Steel procurement mitigation, raw material markets are still downside.
4. Active policy is expected to reduce market confidence suffered blow.

Overall, the positive factors existing steel futures market are receding, steel production 
complex reached its peak stage, After intensive as steel shipments begin, phased increase 
the supply and demand. Also as housing prices continued to drop, brokers also need quick 
cash, General business administration continued to fall in view of the trend this week. This 
week it is expected that Chinese overall price to the callback order based.

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