The price of steel product trend projections on 13.Feb

Time: 2017-02-13

Today News: Weekend two days of tangshan billet prices fall after rise first, rose 80 yuan/ton, early this morning, local 150 billet's carbon tax ex-factory price 3000 yuan/ton, 165 rectangular billet tax 3030 yuan/ton, low alloy billet factory 3120 yuan/ton tax, and the dealer naked price 2820 yuan/tons, changli PuFang billet factory tax price 3000 yuan/ton.

Market: last week as the end of the holiday, the businessman also belong to the city, the market trading atmosphere active, businessmen purchase billet positive, continuous inventory operations, according to the statistics of tangshan billet first increased 346000 tons of inventory, increase obviously, subsequent storage of partial businessman is still will, short-term billet inventories continued growth trend, the downstream steel mills are started in succession, but the overall production enthusiasm is not high, buy stock slightly cautious, late inventory pressure, lack of downstream demand release, billet market oversupply.

Maybe there is the space of steel product to still upwards.

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